Veritas propter investigationem [Truth through research]

Editorial policy

PensionReforms started in July 2006.

PensionReforms is a not-for-profit service that aims to stimulate high quality international debate on pension issues - both public and private. The Editorial Board sees PensionReforms both as an information broker and as a place where readers will find insightful critiques on the major issues and reviews of influential papers.

It aims to be innovative and challenging; informed and helpful.

PensionReforms provides links to original articles covering research on pension issues (both public and private provision), taxation, compulsory saving regimes, employment patterns of older workers and decumulation issues. National specialists with particular interests suggest articles that might be listed. PensionReforms decides which publications appear on the site and provides a brief abstract for each one chosen.

The editorial process gives preference to research-based findings. The Editorial Board provides a governance oversight as well as making practical offerings of articles and abstracts. Where one of the Editorial Board is an author, another member of the Board will do the PensionReforms abstract.

Authors can suggest their own articles for consideration. Readers can challenge abstracts if they think them inaccurate or, given our constraints, incomplete. The Editorial Board will make final decisions on site content.

PensionReforms will gradually build a library of links to publications that the Editorial Board thinks illuminate aspects of the international pensions debate. It’s probably a 2-3 year project to build a complete library of relevant articles and books that were published before we launched. That is very much work in progress.

Michael Littlewood runs the day-to-day activities of PensionReforms under the Editorial Board’s supervision.

If you think a publication should feature on PensionReforms (including your own) please contact:

Michael Littlewood