Veritas propter investigationem [Truth through research]

Gerry Hughes

BComm (1964), MEconSc (1967), MSc (1973), PhD (1982) Research Professor, The Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, Ireland

Gerry has being undertaking research on pension issues for over 20 years. He has a particular interest in the effects of pension financing on national savings and in the cost and distributional effects of tax expenditure on private pensions.

Relevant work experience:

• Finance assistant, British Iron and Steel Federation, London 1964-65

• Statistician, Dominion Bureau of Statistics, Ottawa 1965-66

• Economist, Economic and Social Research Institute 1967-72

• Economist, National Economic and Social Council, Ireland 1973-74

• Economist, Economic and Social Research Institute 1974-

Other relevant appointments:

• Consultant, OECD private pensions project 1990

• Executive Committee Member, European Network for Research on Supplementary Pensions, 1994-2004

Relevant publications include:

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