Veritas propter investigationem [Truth through research]

Larry Willmore

BA (1968), MA (1970), PhD (1977) Research Scholar, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria Member, Task Force on Pension Reform (Initiative for Policy Dialog).

Larry has drafted or co-drafted numerous United Nations reports, has taught in universities of Canada and Latin America, and has published widely in academic journals, most often on issues related to public policy, globalisation and development.

Relevant work experience:

● Lecturer, economics Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 1974-1975

• Economist with the Canadian Department of Finance, 1975-1977

● Economist with the United Nations Secretariat, a career that began in Chile in 1978 and ended in New York City in 2004, with intermediate postings to Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Brazil.

Other relevant appointments:

• Consultant, National Planning Office of the Government of Costa Rica.

Relevant Publications include:

1998 L. Willmore “Social security and the provision of retirement income”, The Pensions Institute Discussion Paper PI-9805 (University of London,).

1999 L. Willmore "Public versus Private Provision of Pensions", United Nations DESA Discussion Paper 1, June

2001 L. Willmore "Three Pillars of Pensions: Is There a Need for Mandatory Contributions?", in OECD Private Pensions Conference 2000, Private Pension Series No. 3, Paris, pp. 385-397

2001 S. St. John, L. Willmore “Two Legs are Better than Three: New Zealand as a Model for Old Age Pensions”, World Development 29:8, August, pp. 1291-1305

2004 L. Willmore “Population Ageing and Pay-as-you-go Pensions”, Ageing Horizons (Oxford Institute of Ageing), June

2004 L. Willmore “Universal Pensions in Low-Income Countries”, Initiative for Policy Dialogue Working Paper IPD-01-05

2006 L. Willmore "Noncontributory Pensions: Bolivia and Antigua in an International Context", Financiamiento del Desarrollo Series No. 167, United Nations ECLAC, Santiago, Chile

2006 L. Willmore "Universal Age Pensions in Developing Countries: The Example of Mauritius", International Social Security Review 59:4, October

2007 L. Willmore "Universal Pensions for Developing Countries, World Development, forthcoming, January.

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