Veritas propter investigationem [Truth through research]


The editors of PensionReforms have accumulated their own libraries of articles that they thought were important. In some cases, they are no longer available on the Internet so we rectify that shortcoming here.

PensionReforms will also publish original work for authors who do not have Internet facilities. They also appear here.

Also, PensionReforms has adopted English, mostly because of the shortcomings of its main organiser. Where an article or publication is available in English (but is again not on the Net) we store them here.

IWG proposal for Citizens Pension
KiwiSaver vs NPSS - ASFONZ conference Oct 06
Old Age, Disability and Survivors
Social Protection in the Nordic Countries NOSOSCO 128
The Distributional Impact of KiwiSaver Incentives - 1 November 2008 256
Universal pensions for Developing Countries 229