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20-23 April 2010

More upgrades have been implemented for PensionReforms - most of them are technical as a precursor to adding more features to the site. PensionReforms has changed its architecture to a REST-based format.

  • ‘Representational State Transfer’ is a robust way of using HTML code and describes the way in which the World Wide Web is built. As the concept’s author describes it:
    "REST emphasizes scalability of component interactions, generality of interfaces, independent deployment of components, and intermediary components to reduce interaction latency, enforce security, and encapsulate legacy systems. I describe the software engineering principles guiding REST and the interaction constraints chosen to retain those principles, contrasting them to the constraints of other architectural styles. Finally, I describe the lessons learned from applying REST to the design of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Uniform Resource Identifier standards, and from their subsequent deployment in Web client and server software."
    Fielding, R T, “Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures” 2000
  • We have published our REST Service to allow open access to the content on PensionReforms for use by the development community in their own ‘mashups’. As an example Abstracts are now available as xml from Contact us for the details of what is available or for any additional requirements.
  • New features will follow soon. Internally we have created new editing facilities and approval processes. For our external customers we will soon be adding RSS news feeds and email alerts. This will facilitate the growth of PensionReforms.

21 July 2008

We have done some upgrades that should make PensionReforms easier to use and more helpful:

  • We added an “Archives” page.
  • The front page is limited to about 50 abstracts – that makes it much faster to load. All other abstracts are listed on the Archives page in the order of date first posted on PensionReforms. The split between front page and archives does not affect either the site sort or the Google site search tools. They look for relevant results across all abstracts.
  • We added the “Editors’ picks” page – 10 reports on PensionReforms that the editors think are of particular significance.
  • We added the “Top 10” page that lists the abstracts most looked at by PensionReforms’ readers since the site opened on 6 October 2006.
  • We also added the Glossary page. Where words are used with a special meaning on PensionReforms, they are shown with capital initial letters and are defined in the Glossary.

6 October 2006

PensionReforms was launched at the University of Auckland’s Business School.

1 July 2006

PensionReforms welcomes the support of an anonymous benefactor to the University of Auckland's Business School. This will allow two of the Editorial Board's members ( Susan St-John and Michael Littlewood ) to build PensionReforms' resources. Susan and Michael are co-directors of the recently formed Retirement Policy & Research Centre at the Business School. The benefactor's generosity will also help with on-going site maintenance over the next few years.


21 July 2008

From 21 July 2008, PensionReforms became hosted by RightNow, a provider of internet hosting services to New Zealand based enterprises.

5 October 2006

A mirror site administered by the University of Auckland was created. This is the public face of PensionReforms.

20 July 2006

The first version of PensionReforms was migrated to Web Service for the abstracts and to a .NET service for adding and editing abstracts. The new framework allows for an efficient sort by categories of the stored abstracts.

6 July 2006

PensionReforms’ was launched to contributing editors for comment.


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