Veritas propter investigationem [Truth through research]

Susan St John

BSc (1966), MA (1979), PhD (2004) Senior lecturer Economics, Department of Economics, University of Auckland (1981-)

Susan has been involved in public policy issues in family tax, social security and superannuation both in New Zealand and internationally for over 25 years. (She might be described as the spectre of the 1997 Periodic Report Group).

Relevant work experience:

● Senior Lecturer, Economics Department, University of Auckland, 1981 -

● Social policy consultant, 1987 -

Other relevant appointments:

• Consultant OECD private pensions 1990

• Deputy Chair, Periodic Report Group 1997

Relevant Publications include:

1993 S St John and Ashton T. Private Pensions in New Zealand, Can they Avert the Crisis? Institute of Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, 224pp.

1998 A. Else, S St John. A Super Future? The Price of Growing Older in New Zealand. Auckland, Tandem Press, 237pp

1999 S St John. 'Superannuation. Where Angels Fear to Tread.' In P. Dalziel, J. Boston and S. St John (eds.) Redesigning the Welfare State in New Zealand: Problems Policies Prospects. Auckland, Oxford University Press, 278-298.

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2001 2004 S St John. Planning for the drawdown phase of retirement saving in New Zealand Twelfth Australian Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers, UNSW Sydney, 13-14 July 2004, see

2002 S St John. 'The role of annuities in the New Zealand retirement incomes policy mix.' Wellington: Report prepared for the Periodic Report Group 2003. from

2003 S St John. 'What is wrong with the New Zealand model for pensions?' Eleventh Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers, University of New South Wales, Australia, 7-8 July
2005 S St John What can the New Zealand experience of universal pensions offer the United Kingdom debate? Pension Policy Institute seminar 3 Shaping a Stable Pensions Solution: Should state pensions be contributory or universal? Nuffield Foundation 14th July

2005 S St John Pensions taxation and retirement incomes in New Zealand. Seminar paper SP2005-08, The Economic and Social research Institute, Dublin, Ireland

2005 S St John Retirement income policy in New Zealand. The Economic and Labour Relations Review, 15(2), 217-239.

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