Veritas propter investigationem [Truth through research]

Tim Hazeldine

B.A. and M.A. (Economics), Canterbury University, 1968 and 1969; M.A. (Otago), 1972; Ph.D. (Warwick), 1978; Professor of Economics, University of Auckland.

Relevant work experience
1969-1972 Assistant Lecturer Department of Economics, Otago University.

1973-1974 Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Warwick, England.

1974-1975 Lecturer, Balliol College, Oxford University, England.

1975-1977 Economist, Research Division, Economics Branch, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa.

1977-1983 Research Economist and Economic Consultant, Economic Council of Canada, Ottawa.

1979-1983 Visiting Associate Professor, Adjunct Lecturer Department of Economics, Queen's University.

1983-1992 Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of British Columbia.

1991-1992 Holder of T.D. MacDonald Chair in Industrial Economics, Bureau of Competition Policy, Ottawa.

1992-Present Professor of Economics, University of Auckland.

Relevant recent publications include:

1991 Hazledine, T. "Trade Policy as Competition Policy" in S. Khemani and W. Stanbury (editors), Conference on the Centenary of Competition Law and Policy in Canada, Institute for Research on Public Policy, Toronto 45-60

1992 Hazledine, Tim. "A New Direction for Macroeconomic Policy", in False Promises: The Failure of Conservative Economics, Robert Allen and Gideon Rosenbluth (eds), New Star Books 77-100.

1993 Review of 1993 Economic Survey of New Zealand OECD, Paris, 1993, in New Zealand Economic Papers, 27(2) 261-7.

1996 Gordon, Daniel V. and Tim Hazledine, ‘Modelling Farm-Retail Price Linkages for Eight Agricultural Commodities,’ Agriculture Canada, Policy Branch, Technical Report 1/96, Ottawa pp 37 + Appendices

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1997 Hazledine, Tim, ‘Modern Competition Policy — Why and How’, in Frank Flatters and David Gillen (eds), Competition and Regulation: Implications of Globalization for Malaysia and Thailand, Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, Queen’s University, Thailand Development Research Institute, 53-74.

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1998 Hazledine, Tim, Taking New Zealand Seriously: The Economics of Decency, Auckland, HarperCollins, pp237

1999 Hazledine, Tim, ‘Taking the Wrong Turn: The Failure of New Zealand’s Economic Revolution’, History Now 5 (2), October, 24-27.

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2006 Hazledine, Tim and John Quiggin, ‘No More Free Beer Tomorrow? Economic policy and outcomes in Australia and New Zealand 1984-2003’ Australian Journal of Political Science, special issue: ‘Globalising the Antipodes? Policy and Politics in Australia and New Zealand’, F.G. Castles, J. Curtin and J. Vowles (eds), 41(2), June, pp145-160.